Field  Staff / Promotional staff  2018 / 2019

Cameron B

Eric B

Thank you for your support over the past few years.

We are always looking for eager angler's to support and promote our products and offer this opportunity to them.


This is a long process as we are only interested in the best candidates and long term partnerships and angler freinds and supporters, ares of fishing knowledge  Rainbow Trout, Salmon , Bass, Perch, Walleye, Pike and hard water.

we are not limited to River Steelhead. 

IF YOUR LOOKING FOR FREE TACKLE thats not what we are about.

Starting Terms

1 You must have used our product and have an understanding of how it works on your water and how you would promote it to             angler who has never used it. 

2 You must have purchased our product either online or at a retailer ( more than a pack of beads)

3 You should be fallowing use on Instagram  and facebook and we should be fallowing back. 

4 Minimum one full season or 6 month from application to consideration, we get many application from angler's that have lots of experience and have a lot of fallowers on Instagram and Facebook,this process will take time.  

5 This is not a paid position, you are not an employee of the company(field staff promotions is promoting)

6 All social media links to fishing must be clean and for all ages.

7 To the best of you ablity you need to be a conservationist,Fish in bounds and in season, ( immediate removal from position if not fallowed)

8 Hold the company and you self with respect (social media basing or slander of other company will not be tolerated)

9  Signed contract for one year is put in place, with requirement and guidelines.

10 If you meet all of these requirement than you can  contact us and we can start the process.

Thank you for your consideration and support 

David North Shore Trout Beads

North Shore Tackle