Chris' Live Bait Fishing And Hunting 17 Marmora Mine road Marmora Ont  K0K 2M0 613-472-2832

Full line of Our Sonic inline spinners, Flench Blade Bucktails.

Dufferin Outdoor Supply 328 Broadway Orangeville Ontario 519 941 4218 (partial line of Glass and Acrylic beads,Pegs, Clear drift UV trout worms,  slip floats a teaser selection of inline spinners 

Gagnons Sports 385 Bloor st West Oshawa Ont 905 725 5798  (Full line of Acrylic and Glass Beads,Terminal Tackle ,Pegs and Hooks and 6mm sunset and golden yolk glass beads not available anywhere else only at Gagnon Sports. A full line of  Inline spinner .

JB Fishing Depot 24 Ronson Drive Etobicoke Ontario 416 614 7222 ( full line of Acrylic beads UV ,Yolks and Pearled 8mm 6mm UV and Yolk) Clear Drift Trout worms , slip float kits, and clear pegs from North shore .Full restocked

Kawartha Lakes Bait and Tackle 10 Queen street Lindsay Ont 705 878 3474

Sonic inline spinners, Slip Floats, Acrylic 8mm-6mm Uv reactive ,2.5 inch trout worms.

Lucky Fishing Tackle  4221 Sheppard ave E Scarborough ont 416 609 8838 (Half line Acyrlic and Glass Beads Full Product line Hooks,Swivels,Pegs,Clear drift floats and Trout worms and our In Line spinners

Pro J Fishing Tackle 3467 Sheppard ave E Scarborough Ont 416 913 8305 ( Full line Acrylic Beads UV ,Yolks 8mm and 6mm.

full line Glass beads UV ,Egg pattern and Yolks) Pegs,and Inline spinners and Clear drift trout worms

Toronto Outdoor Store 11 Gordon Mackay RD Toronto ONT 416 248 2248 (Full Line Acrylic and Glass Beads UV,Egg pattern and Yolks,Full Product line hooks Swivels ,Pegs,Clear Drift floats and trout worm, inline spinners.

True Canadian Outdoors 3175 Rutherford Rd Vaughan Ont 905 761 9666 ( Clear drift floats three sizes,  in-line spinners, Full line 8mm glass beads and half line Acrylic beads, North shore Tackle Pegs ,Uv Trout worms and our Lazar shape hooks size 10,12,14 

Trombly's Tackle Box 595 West Street  south Orillia  Ont 705 327 3474  ,Sonic inline spinners, Full line of Acrylic and Glass 8mm and 6mm beads, 2.5 trout worms, Egg cluster .

Sibs Sport 4455 Sheppard Ave E Toronto 416 335 6595 (Half Line Acrylic and Glass Beads and Uv trout worms.